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npx create-react-app make-accordian
cd make-accordian
npm install @material-ui/core
npm install @material-ui/icons

Final Step 

import React from "react";
import ExpandMoreIcon from "@material-ui/icons/ExpandMore";
import Accordion from "@material-ui/core/Accordion";
import AccordionDetails from "@material-ui/core/AccordionDetails";
import Typography from "@material-ui/core/Typography";
import AccordionSummary from "@material-ui/core/AccordionSummary";
export default function App() {
  return (
    <div style={{}}>
      <h4>Create Accordion in ReactJS</h4>
      <Accordion style={{ width: 800 }}>
          expandIcon={<ExpandMoreIcon />}
              fontWeight: 12,
            Accordion Demo
          <Typography>Happy learning from</Typography>

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