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To make copy of a  folder 

  cp -r source destination/
  If destination doesn't exist, it will be created.
  -R means copy directories recursively. You can also use -r  
           since it's case-insensitive

To copy from one html folder to another folder
[html] cp -r xyz/* pqr/

To Zip Folder

  cd path/to/folder/foldername
  zip -r foldername *    
      [use * if it has any sub directory]

To UNZIP a folder on server

Note :- Here  you can see we have used and 
 the location is not defined so where ever it will be the location 
there it will be unzipped 

If the message shows commond not found 
then we have to use yum install unzip

Restrart Apache server

let say you have created some virtual hosting on web server 
to create sub domain so to make it effective  we need to restart 
apache server 

  Service httpd restart
  Service httpd status                                    

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